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Limitless Solutions is a financial company specializing in mortgages and investments. Established in 2008, they have over a decade of experience in the financial field. We are a diverse team of Mortgage Agents that are in sync with the Limitless Solutions Financial Group vision.

It all began with the Founder and Principal Broker, David Rhodd, engrossed in a successful career in the Mechanical Engineering space. After a dozen years in a high pressure fast-paced environment, directed by everyone else, he wanted to embark on the new challenge of entrepreneurship. From there, he dipped his toe in Real Estate Investing. He then proceeded to educate himself with all things pertaining to money management. At last, David eagerly made the leap to become a Mortgage Agent. A few years later, Limitless Solutions Financial Group was born.

Our Mission

Limitless Solution is on a mission to assist individuals and families to become more financially confident. 

You ask, What is financial confidence? 

It is the knowing and surety that each client received the best rate, best mortgage, and most applicable product for their situation that will allow them to work towards their wealth plan. 

Arranging a mortgage is one’s largest transaction which interjects with insurance, tax positions, and financial investments. As such, the Limitless Financial Group team aims to connect you with products that work in conjunction with your overall financial goals. 

Our Team

Limitless Solutions Financial Group confidentiality with all clients and values integrity. The Limitless Solution Financial team is represented by skilled individuals who are widely connected and partner with Banks, Tax Specialists, Accountants, Lawyers, Insurance Brokers, and Financial Planners. By covering all realms, ensures that their clients are provided with accurate and applicable information while being represented and advised in a holistic viewpoint. 

Limitless Solutions Financial Group looks forward to working together with you in creating wealth and changing your financial future. For more updates follow our Facebook Page. Currently, we are meeting clients virtually in their homes or in an office located in Mississauga. Simply book a meeting using our online calendar. 

The best time to book a meeting with us is now. We help clients regardless of the stage of the home buying journey.

Financial Group

Our Offices Are Located At:

5800 Ambler Drive

Mississauga, ON L4W 4J4

Phone – 647-494-0160


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