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How can you keep more of your money by paying less tax?

Canadians on the whole rank amongst the countries paying the largest amount of taxes worldwide with a marginal tax rate of 44%. If the focus is to keep as much money in your pocket as possible and build generational wealth! Tax planning is one key component that cannot be ignored.

One of the only proven methods to reduce your tax liability is to have legitimate tax deductions. A highly unknown or overlooked strategy to create tax deductions for Canadians is by turning your non deductible mortgage into a tax-deductible mortgage, creating increasing tax deductions year after year.

How does this work, you ask?




First, you’ll need to get approved for a very specific mortgage not offered by many lenders. We call this the re advanceable mortgage. This type of mortgage consist of a fixed mortgage and also a secured line of credit against your property. Having these two components will allow us to structure your tax deductible mortgage, which is ultimately the most important step. 

Now that your mortgage is structured and you have access to your equity, you will need to make a suitable and safe investment using your equity into something that will have your equity growing at a rate much higher then the interest rate. This step immediately creates a tax deduction for you which could increase your tax refund or lower your amount owing in taxes. 

As you pay down your mortgage, your home equity line of credit gradually increases which you can borrow it back a little more each month and use the proceeds to invest again. After a few years of repeating this process you will be left with no mortgage and a completely invested home equity line of credit that is creating large tax deductions for you while growing your wealth.

To find out more about this strategy, speak to one of our tax deductible mortgage specialists. 

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